(Park)ing Day in Port Credit / mississauga, 2012

(PARK)ing Day in Port Credit

In the (PARK)ing Day project, temporary artwork was used as a public consultation tool and a demonstration project to explore the future possibilities for the streetscape on Lakeshore Road, Port Creditís main street.

Helena ran a call to artists to transform four parking spaces into art for 10-days and coordinated the construction. She also worked with Planning, By-law Enforcement, Parking, Transportation and Risk Management on logistics and to obtain necessary permissions for artists to install the work and for businesses to build sidewalk patios. This project was realized in partnership with the local BIA, Community Foundation and Mississauga Transit.

The project tied in with international PARK(ing) Day, Culture Days weekend and the Port Credit Culture Node Pilot. The pilotís purpose was to support and encourage initiatives that contribute to creating a more vibrant main street through partnerships, a review of the by-laws and policies and an assessment of community needs. In the first two pilot years, the following was achieved: parking requirements were relaxed for heritage buildings used for cultural purposes in the area; zoning was modified to allow outdoor retail displays and street furniture; and processes were set in place for business use of lay-by parking as licensed patios.