Mississauga Park Washrooms / Mississauga, 2015

Mississauga Park Washrooms
Client: City of Mississauga

Washroom pavilions for two highly active parks in Mississauga were sited based on their proximity to park programming and existing path systems, as well as for good natural surveillance and limiting underground service distances from the street. The facilities were designed to meet the latest version of the City of Mississauga Accessibility Handbook Guidelines, which exceed Ontario Building Code requirements. The pavilions each house two barrier-free washrooms and a universal washroom with an adult change table.

At Garnetwood, the design of the pavilion is lozenge-shape with durable, textured glass reinforced cladding panels on three sides. The front façade is tempered glass with an opaque mirror finish at the lower level and vision glazing at clerestory height. The mirrored surface will reflect the planting and activity in the park and help to make the building “disappear” into its surroundings. At Fallingbrook, another approach was taken, with the colours of the two-tone green glazed brick cladding of the cylindrical building selected to help the building blend into the vegetation during the summer, but stand out as a beacon of green in the winter months.

The washrooms will be open from May to October, but will be built to support future year-round use. A service room accessible only to authorized staff holds the mechanical equipment and supplies and has access to the other washrooms through a complex automated locking system. Green design features were employed including: energy efficient LED lights on occupancy sensors, natural lighting during the day, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high performance insulating glass, a white membrane roof to reduce heat gain, durable, low maintenance materials, and a low impact design that uses the existing park swale system for stormwater management.